The Products of Practice is a research project that critically mines historic systems of representation and the product (or media) of the architect in relationship to the evolving societal role of the discipline, practice, and profession with the goal of projecting practice futures.

Housed within the Harvard Graduate School of Design, PoP is a collective and longitudinal professional practice research endeavor conducted by students across the fields of architecture and urbanism. 

Within the cacophony of contemporary media, under the pressures of financial instruments, and with an expectation of artificial intelligence, PoP looks to the past to explore the product of the architect as an artifact of circumstance, framing and projecting practice potentials now and into the future. Critically tracking the development of our practice, it aims to research design context and representational formats as cultural and temporal constructs that limit or expand the role of the architect in practice. Our collective goal is an exploration of the relationship between – and the limits of – discipline, practice, and profession to better understand their structural potentials.

Principal Investigator
Elizabeth B. Christoforetti ︎︎︎
Assistant Professor in Practice of Architecture

Research Assistants
Adam Maserow
Sam Naylor

Jeffrey Stevens
Jennifer Li

Data Visualist
Leah Welch

Spring 2020 Class
Woowon Chung
David Ling (TA)
Adam Maserow
Sam Naylor
Edgar Rodriguez
Matthew Rosen
Angela Sniezynski
Jacob Stinson
John Wagner (TF)
Spring 2021 Class
Alejandra Avalos Guerrero
Mark Bavoso
Allison Frost
Jon Gregurick
Karen Kuo
Adam Maserow (TA)
Min Park
Isaac Pollan

Diandra Rendradjaja
Jack Rodat
Jeffrey Stevens
Tracy Tang
Luke Warren

Spring 2022 Class
Alexis Boivin

Damian Bolden
Pablo Castillo Luna
Xin Chen
Jeff Cheung
Deok Kyu Chung
Phillip Combs
Rayshad Dorsey
Olivia Howard
Brian Lee
Suk Lee
Jon Levine

Jennifer Li
Simina Marin
Caleb Negash
Kendall A. Nicholson
Pa Ramyarupa
Karim Saleh
Andrea Sandell
Jeffrey Stevens (TA)
Hidekatsu Uchida
Sara-Ann Yong
Mengyu Zhao

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