A physical structure of any size that purports to have affinity with architecture. These represent the final form of drawings and processes - typically the end of the architect's contract - but the start of the object's life. As the building is the end goal of an archtiect’s work, it lacks subproducts.

Self-Built Structures

Most structures from the earliest human settlements are self built structures. While often constructed without an architect, modern examples of architect’s own homes continue this tradition within the profession.

︎ By Master Builder
The master builder arose in the middle ages when the guild system began to be established for trades.
Design Build
The design build format for project delivery puts the design and construction teams under one roof. Often run by a general contractor or an architect, this format is espeically popular due to the lack of liability gap between the architect and builder.   
Design Develop
In a Design Development scheme the designer also controlls the funding of the project. Large development firms often have in-house architectural designers.